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Getting Started

Camber logo_smoothThe purpose of this web page is to provide guidance and resources for Myomatrix users. The examples of Myomatrix use cases and other resources listed below come from procedures utilized in the Sober lab (at Emory University) and collaborators' labs for recording single unit and bulk EMG from rodents, songbirds and primates. Note that CAMBER is unable to advise individual users on general surgical protocols (suturing, sterile technique) or basic electrophysiological methods (configuring or de-noising amplifiers and data-processing systems).

Material Transfer Agreement

All users must complete this form prior to receiving an initial shipment of arrays.

Impedance testing

Testing impedance of the electrode contacts prior to implantation is critical. Read more about why and how HERE.

Tools and Supplies

This list  outlines a basic set of materials required for surgical implantation of arrays.

Implantation videos

Access to surgical videos is restricted to current Myomatrix array users. Email the CAMBER team at to obtain login information to the video repository.

Example IACUC protocols

Email the CAMBER team at to obtain example IACUC protocols for use of the arrays in songbirds, rodents and non-human primates.

Data analysis example

Example data and simple MATLAB code for visualizing EMG data recorded with a Myomatrix array. Data are from an acute recording of an orofacial (digastric) muscle in an anesthetized mouse (see Fig. 6 in Lu et al., 2022).

Use Case: Chronic Myomatrix

This protocol outlines the procedure to implant the array in muscles of the mouse forelimb for chronic recording in awake animals.

Use Case: Injectable Myomatrix

This protocol outlines the procedure to implant the array in biceps muscles of a Rhesus macaque for acute recording in awake animals.

Tips and Tricks

Coming soon!