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Meet the CAMBER team

CAMBER Mission

Welcome to CAMBER! We are a community of neuroscientists and engineers at Emory University and Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The purpose of CAMBER is to develop and disseminate next-generation tools for investigating motor control. We have created flexible, high-density electrode devices (“Myomatrix arrays”) that record muscle activity at high resolution, in freely moving animals, and across a wide range of muscles and species.

Supported by a U24 grant from the National Institutes of Health, CAMBER will provide Myomatrix arrays to the global research community, with the goal of a broad and equitable dissemination of our technology. These devices will be provided free of charge for at least the first two years of CAMBER’s existence, and sold to users at cost thereafter. In addition to the devices themselves, CAMBER will provide online resources to support users with surgical implantation of Myomatrix devices and data analysis needed to collect and interpret high-resolution muscle recordings.

Contact the CAMBER team at

Camber Leadership

Samuel J. Sober, PhD Headshot
Samuel J. Sober, PhD
Director of CAMBER
Emory University
Muhannad Bakir, PhD Headshot
Muhannad Bakir, PhD
co-Director of CAMBER
Georgia Institute of Technology
Muneeb Zia, PhD Headshot
Muneeb Zia, PhD
Associate Director of Technology and Innovation
Georgia Institute of Technology
Amanda Jacob, PhD Headshot
Amanda Jacob, PhD
Associate Director for Operations and User Training
Emory University
Kristen Frenzel, PhD Headshot
Kristen Frenzel, PhD
Associate Director of Education and Outreach
Emory University

CAMBER Fabrication Team

  • Kailash Nagapudi, BS at Georgia Tech

  • Michelle Wu, MS at Georgia Tech